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/// Composition «Donkey Jaw»

Composition «Donkey Jaw»
Materials: mammoth tusk, silver (bronze), ebony, damascus steel, hardness 58-60 HRC.
An unusial table composition, dedicated to a bible episode- when Samsom used a donkey's jaw he found on a road as a weapon against the Philistimes.

The knife is made out to look like half a donkey's jaw, acting as a handle, gradually evolving into the damascus blade. The blade itself is made out to resemble a donkey's jaw as close as possible- slightly crooked, with a matte shine.

The blade is curved, to give a better edge at slashing strikes. . Деревянная подставка дополнена массивной опорой для ножа, которая выполнена из фактурного бивня мамонта. На подставке закреплена табличка с библейской цитатой, отсылающей к подвигам Самсона.
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