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/// Composition «Stone Age»

Composition «Stone Age»
Materials: mammoth tusk, ebony, damascus steel, hardness 58-60 HRC.
A table composition, the bravery and originality of which will leave none cold hearted.

The damascus steel comes in with a brand new look- the master made it into flint, roughly shaped into a knife. This technique is used for the knife and the stone axe.

The styling is very successful: only a precise look would give away that behind the outer brutality of the knife lies an intricate and precise work of the blacksmith and the crafter.

The handle of the knife is made out of time worn out mammoth tusk, which in this condition resembles darkened cracked wood, on which there are etchings in caveman paintings style.

The axe features a wooden handle, for decorative effects the Топор с деревянной рукоятью, для декоративного эффекта shaft is leather striped.

The wooden stand features large tusk details. Also there are two miniature mammoths, the carving of which depicts very precise detailed animals.
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